The Story Behind the Story

It was at the annual Azalea Festival on The Island, as residents of Grosse Ile, Michigan referred to it. I was drawn to a nighttime painting of a sturdy but dreary old house in what appeared to be a remote location. Two giant trees formed a canopy on each side of the dwelling. An oversized harvest moon cast shadows across the lawn and stone driveway. The only other illumination in the picture came from a lighted candle in one of the first floor windows. Behind the candle sat a wizened old woman holding a vase of yellow flowers. She looked sad and lonely. With a magnifying glass I believed I would see tears on her cheeks.


Many thoughts flooded my mind: Why was this old woman sitting in the darkness? Did she live alone, and if so, why? Who had given her the yellow flowers?  And what was the symbolism about them being yellow? There was, I decided, an entire novel in that scene.


The painting was entitled, “She loved Yellow Flowers”. I couldn’t afford to buy it, but I never forgot it.  Over the years I drafted ideas for the book, and “Angel of Tears” was eventually the result of that painting.  Behind every picture there is a story waiting to be written.  



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